Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Typewriter

The typewriter is a mechanism with a set of keys that prints documents on paper. The person who works with the typewriter is the typist. The inventors of the typewriter were Christopher Latham Sholes and his partner Carlos Glidden in Milwaukee,Wisconsin.
In 1873 they sold the patent to the company Remington for 12.000 dollars.
The Remington Typewriter company, created to produce Sholes' machines, manufactured 25.000 copies of his first model, called Model I , but they only sold 1.200 copies.

The famous writer Mark Twain was one of the first people who bought a Remington machine.Soon he acquired skill with it. He was the first author to send a text written with a typewriter to his editor.

The current provision of the signs on the keyboard was designed by Sholes and is known as the QWERTY keyboard, for the six keys on the top row to the left.

In just fifteen years, the typewriter is gone, replaced by the computer. There is one last vestige of the invention of Sholes that has made it through to the electronic age: the QWERTY keyboard.

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