Monday, March 26, 2012

The Cook by Irene

The Cook who knew how to cook delicious meals with herbs ans spices. Then there was a brown-faced Sea-Captain who looked like a pirate. He had fought battles at sea and made his prisoners walk the plank.


As he spoke the manager, the cook of London burst into laughter as if he were being tickled on the back.
- Ha! Ha! For the Passion of Christ! The arguments about the accommodation you have brought painful consequences to this miller. Solomon said it best: "Watch who covers your house." It is dangerous for a stranger in a strange house overnight. Who gives shelter should be aware of these dangers. May the Lord give me miseries and penalties if, as my name is Hodge of Ware, I heard one story with more shorn miller. The night tricks worked perfectly. But God does not allow us standing here. If you want to hear my story, I will relate what happened in my city, the best way possible.
-You have permission, Roger. Try to be good. You have lowered the sauce of many stews. Have you sold many Jacks of Dover doubly reheated and cooled. Many pilgrims have cursed you greatly because they suffered the effects of your parsley when they tested your old stuffed geese stubble. Many flies loose in your kitchen. Start your story, my dear Roger. I beg you not be angry if I tease you. Joke, you can say many truths.
'Upon my life you're right, Roger said. The Flemings say, "A joke seriously is a bad joke." Therefore, Harry Bailey, do not give vent to your anger before we part if my story is about a host. However, I have no intention of telling yet. I'll pay before we say goodbye.
Then began to laugh and joke and was immediately afterwards that will listen.

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