Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Yeoman

Hello! I am the Yeoman. I am the Knight’s second servant. Unfortunately, I do not tell a story, but I must tell you something. The Knight’s story in The Canterbury Tales is mine.
I am a thin person, tall and brainy. I think that I am polite and hard-working. I always try to make everything well. I am thirty years old. I do not have a wife or children but one day, I want to have a family.
I have been the Knight servant since I was ten. When I was a child, I was a beggar. I was alone because my parents had been killed by The Black Death. I was really sad. One day I asked the Knight for some money. He answered me that if I was be able to tell a story, he would give me some money. I told him the story about the Greek Dukes that probably you have read. He really loved the story so he told me if I would like to work in his house. And I became his servant.
He taught me how to use a sword and when I was fifteen he gave me a bow and some arrows. I love the Knight as my own father and he loves me as a son. I think that this is the reason why the Knight’s son is a bit jealous of me but I do not mind because he is a good person too.
I am on pilgrimage with the Knight because I want to go with him everywhere he goes and serve him the best I can.

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