Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Hello I am the countryman. I am forty-two years old and I go to Canterbury. I am going with my friend The Squire. I think that I am an attractive person although I am a countryman.

My face is brown and my clothes are green. I love green because when I go to hunt I wear green clothes and people can’t see me.

I don’t use guns for hunt. I prefer use my bow and my arrows with peacock feathers, a sword and a hunting horn.

The Squire and I ride the same horse. We are many time together therefore we are good friends. I do not tell any story because I have not imagination and while we go to Canterbury I am very busy hunting some deer.

I think I am a good person because I do not steal and I like helping people.

I am going on the pilgrimage to accompany Squire and I like visiting new places and being with people. This experience is very good for me.

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