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He is a man who loved the gold . He know all the medical authorities by heart but he doesn't know the bible. He ripped people off during the black plague and made lots of money. He prescribed gold for.

What does the doctor in the Canterbury tales do?

The doctor is a very strange person who knows about the medicine. He knew astrology and something of nature and could utter the suitable humor to make laugh the patients. He knows a little about astronomy. Chaucer doesn’t like the doctor in the Canterbury Tales. He wears an old floral dress and prada patent leather heels.

The Doctor's Tale

A knight named Virginius had a daughter who was fourteen years old. She was a virtuous girl, and mature before her years, as evidenced by the fact that she did not need an escort when she went out. She was walking in town one day, and a judge of the area felt lustful thoughts towards her, and wanted to obtain her by any means he could. But, he knew that he could not convince her to partake in lust, so he asked for advice from a sly friend of his. They devise a scheme. They take a false document to her father that claims she is not his daughter, and they bring false witnesses so that he cannot argue otherwise. The knight weeps, and tells his daughter that she must either die or go with the evil judge and his friend. She decides to die rather than go with the men, and after some time to prepare herself, she lets her father cut off her head. He takes it to the judge, who tries to arrest the knight, but loyal friends who know of the judge's evil treachery save the knight. Virginus pleaded for mercy for the evil men, and they were exiled and not killed.

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