Sunday, March 25, 2012

The squire

Hello! I'm the squire. My father is the knight. He is bravely and sincere. I travelled with him in his battles around the world and I met lots of girls. I am very handsome and modest and I hope one day I will be like my father. I usually wear old clothes.

In the book I tell a tale about a royal family. The king , Cambyuskan , received a knight in the royal hall during a feast, who gived him lots of present. One of the present is a ring that gived the owner the power to comunicate with the birds and the knowledge of the healing powers of every herb in the wood. The king thought 'what a stupid object' and he gave it to his daughter called 'Canace'.
One day she was walking in the forest with her ring and found a female falcon who was injured because her husband hit her. Canace took it to the palace and nursed the falcon

I can't tell the end because I want that you read the book.

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