Sunday, March 25, 2012

The host

I'm the Host, I live and work in the Taberr Inn in London because I don´t have much money to buy a house, so what, I live in the Inn how an occupant.

I'm a hefty, manly man also I'm large, loud, merry and also I have a quick temper.

My clothes are not very fashionable because I don´t have much money so my clothes are very old.

One day I was washing the dishes when a great crowd of people arrived at the Inn, they were sitting at a tablea anD they asked me for something to eat.

I was really disappointed because I was so tired but finally I prepared a great meal for the crowd 

The said to me, that they go to Canterbury to visit the tomb of Saint Thomas Becket.

Then, I had an idea so I started to talk to the crowd.

"Ladies and gentlman, I dedice to go with you to Canterbury and I have an idea which will help us to enjoy our journey to Canterbury. Each person must tell a story on the way to Canterbury and another story on the way of back, the best story has a prize".

This was my idea a few days ago and now wa are lost in a dark forest, because we tried to catch the wife of Bath when she started to run behind her possible sixth husband.

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