Sunday, March 25, 2012

My country France

I'm going to talk about my country France so I'm French.

In France the official language is French, nobody speak English unless will you are a tourist.

The political system in France is a smipresidencialist Republic whose president is Nicolai Sarkozy.

The popullation France is around 66 millions of unhabitans,also the situation of France in in the south-west of Europe and she is boulder for Spain, Germany, Belgium, Swizerland and Italy, her total area is about
675417Km Squares and her currency is the Euro.

The Capital of France is Paris and other important cities are Lyon, Marsella, Montpelier and Toulose

Th eimportant history fact in France is for example: The French Revolution in 1789 when the people of bourgeoisie assault "La Bastilla".

Some people famous in France is The architect Gustave Eiffel, The pinter Claude Monet, The inventor Joseph Ignace Gillotin...

The typical food in France is for example Ratatouille is a provenzal plate result of cook olive oil and some vegetables
(Tomatoes, garlic, onions, aubergine, courghettes...)

My country is the Europena Union  1952.

I'm like live here because is The city of love.

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