Sunday, May 19, 2013


A month ago, on May, Roko gave a concert in Granada and I could ask her some things.

I asked her if  after her success in ''Tu cara me suena'' she had become popular and if she had received new projects. She told me she had received a role for a series the next year on January.
I asked her if she was going to do a new single and she answered that she was working on that and maybe in September we could listen to her single.
I asked her which imitations of ''Tu cara me suena'' she had enjoyed the most. She replied  that the imitation of Nancy Sinatra because she had more time to prepare it or Loreen because she had things on common with her.
I asked her which imitation was more difficult for her and she answered me that Nicki Minaj because their styles were completely different.
I told her she won with her last imitation of Shirley Bassey and why she had decided to choose that artist and she answered me that she loved her style of music.
Finally, I asked how many languages she had sung. She replied me that she had sung in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese and when she was learning one song in French, 'Sympathique', she had to strive a lot.

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