Sunday, May 5, 2013

Interview to the best woman.

The other day I decided to interview my mother, who is the woman that I love the most. And I've interviewed her today, Mother's Day.
I started asking her about how she felt when she became a mother and she said she felt great happiness and that being a mother has been the best thing that has happened to her in her life.
 I asked her what she thought about the relationship between young people and she told me that today, teenagers do what they want and parents know little about their lives. At that time she told me I had to tell her things. And I asked her:  why are you so gossipy? She laughingly told me that a mother knows everything. So I asked her what  the best experience of her youth had been. She told me that the best experience of her youth was to meet my father. (Oh, those words were very nice) They started dating at age 17.
I know her, but I wanted to know what her  favourite hobby was and she told me she liked to practice sports and be with her family as long as possible.
I finished the interview asking her: Why did you decide to have children? She answered: `` I decided to have children because I wanted to change my life and now I can always receive love in return and I am very happy at every moment''
Today, Mother's Day, my brother and I decided to make a gift for our mother (images) We have also made ​​breakfast for her! We asked her if she liked our detail and she said she had loved that detail and she felt like the best mother. I agree with that answer, she is the best!! ;)

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  1. Very, very good interview with your mother. I am sure she liked your present very much!