Thursday, May 23, 2013

Interview with Mario Casas

I was walking on the streets of Madrid when I saw Mario Casas and at that moment I started to interview him. 

I asked him where he was living at that moment, he answered me that he was living in Madrid with his girlfriend Maria Liñán. I was so surprised, and then I asked him where he had met her.
He told me that he had met her at a party in Granada and when he saw her, he fell in love. Now I started to laugh and continued interviewing him.
He said to me that he was very much in love and that he would be making a film with her in 2014.
Suddenly the sky turned black and it started to rain,  so we said goodbye but before I left I told him that Maria was my friend and he shouted at me to come back quickly but since I was in a taxi and shouted that we would see very soon.

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