Thursday, May 23, 2013

My interviwe with Camela

        Camela gave a concert in Granada. There I interviewed them.
First I asked them how the tour was going and they answered that the tour was really amazing. I asked them if many people had gone to their concerts. They said happily that many people had gone to the concert and they had had a good time.

              Then I asked them if they had earned a lot of money with the concerts, they denied it. I asked them if they could invite me to a concert. They promised me that they would invite me to a concert. I asked them what their inspiration was. They said they were inspired by their past loves.
         Finally they also told me that in a concert, a girl had fainted because of the emotion.
         I thanked them for the interview.


  1. Wow, amazing band! Hahahaha, I'm sure you'll go to a concert soon!

  2. Very good band. I really like Camela and his songs