Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My interview with my grand father:

One of the people I most admire is my grand father Antonio, I am very proud of him because despite being 85 years old, he is a computer expert, he knows all types of programmes, such a Microsoft word, power point, and he can do really impressive presentations of photos and music, so I have asked him some questions:

 I asked him which were the best memories of his childhood, he answered me that he specially remembered the chocolate cake that his mother used to make.
I asked him about his hobbies, he told me that he used to go hunting, and he had gone too the  countryside or had looked for a lagoon where he could fish or he had shot the ducks with a shotgun.

I was curious about what was the secret of his marriage, because he has been married since 1960. I asked him what was the difference with nowadays, he told me that the most important difference was that "in the past,  if something broke you were worried about fixing it" and not like today: if that happens, you throw it away and you do not worry about it. He tried to explain to me that  it happens the same with a relationship

I asked him which were the consequences of a bad behaviour when he was a child, he answered me that at school the teacher used to hit him or punish to hold books.

Finally  I asked him what he thought about tobacco or alcohol, he added that in the past there was more respect and if you wanted to smoke you had to hide where no adults could  see you, and nowadays teenagers smoke anywhere without worrying about the other people.

I totally agree with him, and I think he is a really clever person and an example to follow.

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  1. Very interesting conversation with your grandfather. He must be a very clever man!!