Friday, May 31, 2013

Only public transport should be allowed in cities.

Citizens have different opinions about this topic. There are some different points of views.

On the one hand, if people only use public transport  in cities, we will have a city with less pollution. In addition, we will have a less noisy city,, we will have a less chaotic city and we will have a cleaner city. Granada is a very small city and many people think it is not necessary for us to use the public transport, so, many inhabitants' thought is “let's get the car to move around”.

On the other hand, a percentage of citizens believe that public transport in Granada is a disaster. We have daily buses strikes, the buses are not regular and they also continually intersect streets, moreover, bus routes change.

To sum up, in my opinion, it should be prohibited the access by car to some central streets, but, furthermore, I think the Town Hall should increase the frequency of buses passing by the stops and the number of bus lines.

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