Friday, May 17, 2013

My interview with my grandfather

-I asked my grandfather what was life like when he was young, because he and his family lived two wars and a dictatorship. He replied that of course things had changed, as there was no so much freedom for all but they were used to living in that situation.
-Then he was telling me how religion was a fundamental part of their lives and how this ideology had become standards of conduct. He said, "Now it's not like that; you can choose what to believe."
- We also talked about love, and about the way men used to treat women in those days. He told me he did not like the way young people behaved today with women who should never have lost the old values ​​in that aspect.
-When I asked him his best memory of his childhood, he answered me "to play peacefully in the streets without fear of cars, to have my door open during the day without fear of being robbed, not like you,  all day stuck to video games".
-Finally I asked if parents were much more serious, less quirk and gave them less freedom, and give much more importance to education than now.

To end , he added that perhaps,  despite all these limitations, they were happier then.

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