Sunday, May 12, 2013

My interview with Jon Kortajarena

"Granada Fashion Week" was celebrated  last Monday. There were models from all over Spain and the world.
One of the most influential and famous models is Jon Kortajarena, I interviewed him
I asked him how he had started in the fashion world, he replied that he had not intention of being a model but  one day or another he  found himself in Paris doing castings.
I asked him about a special moment he has lived in his profession, he told me that it was when he was flying a private plane from a Caribbean island to Miami. It was incredible.
I asked him what his favourite places were, he told me Lanzarote was perfect to walk and  for fun and there was no other city like New York.
I asked him how his year had been,  Jon replied that it had been personally and professionally perfect too, so here's why he was very pleased and very happy.
Finally, I asked if he had liked Granada and that if he would come back and Jon said that he had liked it, especially the Alhambra and he would love to come back when he had more time.


  1. Good interview, Esperanza.
    This time you arrived on time!!!!!

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  3. ohhh Jon is very cute and he is a very good model!