Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Interviewing my mother!

Hello everybody!
I decided to interview my mother . To tell the truth I do not look up to anyone, actually-only a couple of famous, pacifist characters- but my mother is the exception.

First, I asked her  if she had fulfilled her goals in the life; she told me that she had reached almost everything she had expected. For example, follwoing her career she became a judge, though she preferred to work as a lawyer. Then, she added, she would have liked to study Archaeology too. Nevertheless, she is thinking about retaking that unfulfilled objective in a brief future.
Secondly, I told her I wanted to know what values are more important for her, and she answered me they were respect, tolerance and justice but above all, freedom. Besides, she said to me that nowadays it is very important to be and be in touch with open-minded people, as this will ease us to adapt ourselves to any kind of change or society.
After this, we spoke about things that she would like to do in the future and surprisingly her answer was moving to a foreign country!
Finally, I asked her about what she likes doing in her free time. She replied what she loves most is reading, travelling and spending time with her friends because these three things make her enjoy the life to the fullest.

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  1. Your mother must be a very interesting woman. Good interview, Elvira