Sunday, May 26, 2013

Private schools are better than state owned schools?

Many people have different points of view about what kind of education is better. 
Nowadays, in most of the developed countries there are thousand of schools or collages to choose which can be privates or publics´schools.
First, we should bear in mind that education is a right for people, therefore, state owned schools are giving this opportunity as they are funded by the governments.
On the one hand,  state owned schools are free for everybody and they do not make exceptions with anyone, besides, it helps students out to be in contact with all type of people and it will be the context which they will face in the future. However, teachers who work in public schools do not dedicate as personally to the students as in private schools and this may have negative consecuences.

On the other hand, private schools call for an extra payment which some times it is very high, so, students who study in private schools normally belong to families which have a high economic level, and this  prevents them to be in contact with other kind of people. Nevertheless, private ºeducacion is more personal, for example, students are allowed to choose other kind of subjects that they can consider "more practical". In addition, they are tought to put into practice what they learn by writing essays about different topics which have been discussed in subjects such as Economy, History, Biology or they really learn the use of Maths.

To sum up, education is an essential right for everyone, therefore, people should support a quality public education which preapares people for the near future. Moreover, state owned schools system should addapt to each student, and dedicate to them more personally. Finally, private school should be only an option (but not the alternative for some families for their children grow up in a more "high level") moreover, private schools should improve the relationship of their students with students from other schools, and thus, make people to share experiences and opinions each others, avoiding that children live in a "protective bubble"

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