Thursday, May 30, 2013

My interview with Roberto Iniesta

Last summer Extremoduro, my favourite band of Spanish rock,  gave a concert in Seville. Obviously, I went to Seville, but I spent all my money on the bus so I could not go to the concert; then I decided to walk and go sightseeing. When I was walking in the city, I saw Robe, Extremoduro’ singer, and I went to the bar where he was.

Extremoduro's concert, thanks Ana Sánchez for the photo.
I asked him why their concert was so expensive, and he answered me they hadn't decided the price. In that moment I asked him to be more personal, as in their first concerts. Then he looked at himself and said to me it was true and he didn’t want to be a rock star. I told him I couldn’t pay for their concert and because of that I was disappointed, I said I had thought Extremoduro loved poetry and not money. I think in that moment I touched a dangerous topic because then he mentioned their last songs, like "el pájaro azul",  in which they didn’t make transgressive rock, as they usually did… Then I said I loved their last songs because they had been able to make another genre of music but as good as ever, I asked him when they could come Granada, which is more beautiful than Seville,  and where they had had more fans. He answered me he was going to propose the idea to the group and he would be very happy to do a very cheap concert where they would sing old songs as well as new songs.

Finally I found the way to return home, but I’m still waiting for  the concert… 

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