Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Last night, I had the honour of interviewing Laura Ups, the best language teacher.
She is my sister, and I asked her some questions as she had some free time in that moment.
Firstly, I asked her what was her favourite language was, and she replied "French" but she likes English too.

Then, I asked her if she knew other languages and she answered that she knew a little Italian and German. I told her that she had an ability for languages. She told me that she could learn a language with words bases of the language, and she had proved it when some friends wanted to teach her German and it wasn't difficult.

Later, I asked her how she could study LADE while she was teaching English and French to children who are in high schools and she confessed me that it was difficult but she needed the money because she wanted to go to New York. I told her I could go like a photograph but she said to me that firstly she ought to receive the scholarship.

Finally, I told her if I got a good mark in English, we'd go to the beach. She said laughing "of course" and she would invite me to a picnic.

I hope she can go to New York and I hope to have a good mark :)

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