Thursday, June 16, 2011


Today the Granada football team played versus Elche to get a position in 1ª division. It was an amazing match where the C.F Granada had the control of the match most of the time. They attacked and Elche didn't do anything to win the match! Granada hit the pole twice but they didn't manage to score a goal... The minutes went by and 3 minutes before the end of the match there was a penalty for Granada. All the people were crazy in the city, all the people thought that Granada would win the match! Abel Gomez was chosen for shoot the penalty. He shot and he failed! Granada and the city were very disappointed, but the referee said that the penalty had to be repeated! All the people were crazy again!
Abel was chosen to shoot again. He shot and..... he failed again!
It's impossible!! Granada is disappointed and they must win in Elche if they want to play in 1ª division with the best teams of the world.


  1. It must have been a really exciting match, Dani!!
    Thanks a lot for your chronicle of this IMPORTANT match.
    Now we are all looking forward to seeing what happens in Elche.
    Do you think Granada FC will get promoted??!!

  2. Well... it will be a very hard match but I trust in Granada so I would say that they will win 1-2!

  3. Yes, we all hope that granada get promoted!
    All the people in Granada have the great desire of being able to watch footbal of first level in his city!