Sunday, June 12, 2011

My interview

It was a sunny day. I had just arrived to Los Angeles and I took a taxi to DMC village, whose owner was a famous and wealthy man because of his very strange life. I was on time, so I didn't expect him to be waiting for me at the door. Daniel was wearing a beautiful kilt, he was singing yodeling but he greeted me.
I was sitting on his luxury armchair when we started the interview. The first thing I asked him was how his life was having three nipples. He answered me straight away that it was a special position because everybody was surprised when they discovered it and when they touched them, they felt revulsion but he felt sexy.
Afterwards, I tried to discover where he learnt to yodel. He told me that his grandmother had lived near Heidi's grandfather and the day before he moved to USA he'd met her on a cloud, while they were travelling to the top of the mountain, she had taught him to sing in that way.
I wanted to know how he remembered one of his parties with Freddy Mercury and he told me that they had been best friends, they had shared lots of things, guitars... and that when Freddy'd discovered the third nipple he had been more loving.
I think I met a really interesting person that day, I hope to see him again.


  1. Marta, I am absolutely confused - I can't guess who you interviewed in DMC village. Was it Heidi, Heidi's grandfather, Freddy Mercury, Daniel Craig??????
    Please, do tell me!!
    Funny interview by the way!!

  2. I know somebody in 'tuenti' who has this DMC nickname. Is he the person you interviewed, Marta?? LOL