Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This is dedicated to Felipe

I am dedicating this post to Felipe because he is a very good student and because when he finished writing his essay for the exam, he told me -'Teacher, I am sure you will like my essay very much.'
And he was right, I do like it a lot.
And I would like to share it with you.

When you learn a language, you learn more than just a way to communicate

In these years learning a language has become a common thing. You learn it because you need it in your job, or to travel somewhere in the world ...

On the one hand, once you have learned a language you know many more things apart from just the language. While you are studying a language you are learning the culture, the typical food, the important places and monuments from the place where the language comes from. You learn it in reading exercises, in listening exercises, in vocabulary exercises....

On the other hand, nowadays we live in a world full of ‘stress’ and where everybody wants to do a lot of things in a little time. We are losing the tradition of learning a language correctly – that is to say, learning the culture, monuments, typical food, etc. - There are a lot of methods of learning a language that make you sure that you can speak a language with 1000 words or things like that, to make you believe that you will not have to spend much time learning the language.

To sum up, when we learn a language, we learn more than just a way to communicate, but just if we learn it correctly not in a fast way. To learn more than just the language you need TIME (years!)

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