Friday, June 10, 2011

My favourite film is...

Chicago was made in USA in 2002 by Rob Marshall. It is a musical film that tells a story taking place in Chicago, where Velma Kelly (Catherine Zeta-Jones) is a cabaret artist and one night she begins her show and Roxie Hart (Renée Zellweger) who wants to be famous, is in the public. Roxie wants to became as Velma Kelly but this will cause them to fall from the top and to go to prison due to different charges for murders. There she meets with the legendary lawyer Billy Flynn (Richard Gere) who will take the Roxie's case. Roxie's career shines but Kelly will do something to change it.

My favourite scenes from the movie are the tango in the prison and the show "all that jazz".
This is one of my favourite film because Chicago has many dances, shows and it shows us that sometimes our dreams can't be so perfect as we think.

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