Sunday, June 5, 2011


Hi! I'm Jorge, I'm 16 years old and this interview is about my friend Migue , who is 26 years old and who lives in Granada.

-I said hello to Miguel and I asked him how he was . He said to me hello and that he was very tired, because he had just finished his work.

-I said to him that then, we could talk about his work, for example. He said to me that he worked at a swimming pool and he was a personal trainer.

-I asked him if he was very happy with his work. He said to me that he was very happy and that he thought that it was his life's work.

-I asked him what he did on weekends. He said to me that every weekends he went to the cinema and that he usually ran with his girlfriend Patri.

-I asked Miguel if he had friends at work. He said to me " yes" ,that he had a lot of workmates and that he was very happy.

-I asked Miguel if he knew any famous personal trainer. He said to me that he had been in Madrid and that he had been Julio Tous a famous personal trainer.

In conclusion, I promised myself that I could do the same. Thank you Miguel!

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  1. Thanks, Jorge.
    As you said 'Better late than never'!!!