Friday, June 10, 2011

Martha Schiuma

I visited the famous pianist Martha Schiuma and I interviewed her. It was a great time when she told me all about her and her piano. First I wanted to know why she decided to play the piano when she was a child and she said to me that it was because her mother wanted. Martha didn't really decided to play the piano, it was her mum.
Then I asked her what she felt when she played the piano, and she told me that it was very difficult to answer, she felt something different with each type of music that she played. So I asked her how she felt when she plays the piano and she said to me that she felt more free when she played and when she sang.
Finally, she had to leave to a world tour, so I wanted to know how this world tour was, and she told me, to my surprise, that she cancelled it because she played the piano only for her, she didn't like that people heard her, so her fans would be very angry!
That was all!


  1. Hello, Daniel!
    I had never heard about Martha Schiuma before!!
    And I could not find anything about her on the Internet.
    Thanks anyway!

  2. Now, I think I know Martha Schiuma. She lives in 'tuenti', doesn't she??

  3. Martha Schiuma is a very very very famous pianist! How don't you know her!!???

  4. I'm sorry, I told you I know somebody with that name form tuenti. Is she the same person??

  5. Nooo! she isn't the same!! Martha Schiuma is amazing when she plays the piano!