Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Interviewing my mom

When my teacher told me that I had to interview a person who I admired, I didn’t know who the person I admire the most was. Later I realized that that person was my mother because she never surrenders and she works hard to look after her two daughters: my sister and I.

I asked her what she did in her job and what she did to get her family out, and she answered me that her job consisted of being subdirector of nursering in Jaén and she told me that she worked 100 km from our home, so she travelled everyday to Jaén and she returned home in the same day.

Afterwards I asked her how many people worked in her hospitals and what kind of jobs there were in her hospitals. She answered me that she managed four hospitals where three thousand and five hundred people worked. She also answered me that there were more than sixty different professions, including doctors and nurses.