Sunday, June 19, 2011

My grandfather

Last year in my old school, we had to do an interview with a writer we liked and I chose to interview my grandfather (Rafael Guillén)
The first thing I asked him is what kind of books he wrote and he said that he wrote books of poetry. I asked him if he had won any prizes for his poetry and he told me he dad. In fact he had won the National Prize for Literature in 1994, he told me that in the same year, he had previously been awarded among others important prizes: the Prize Leopoldo Panero in 1966 , the Guipúzcoa Prize in 1968, the Prize Boscan in 1968 and the City of Barcelona Prize in 1969 too.

I also asked him if he has devoted all his life to writing poetry and he said to me that he hadn't, at first he worked in a bank of Granada and much later he began to write poetry.

Finally I asked him if my interview was good and he said i was. And it appears that was true because I got a very good mark!!

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  1. What a surprise, Auri!! I had no idea about Rafael Guillen being your grandfather!! He is such a great poet. I suppose you must be so proud to be his granddaughter!!
    Thanks for the interview!