Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Last weekend, I had the honour of interviewing Antonio Ramirez, the best judoka in Spain.
I invited him to have lunch, while I was asking him some question in order to know what a champion's life is like

Firstly, I asked him when he had started to practise judo and why, and he told me that he had started to practise this sport when he was 4, and he had started because his parents love judo.
Then I asked him if this sport was very hard and he answered it was a really hard sport because you can injure yourself very easily. Also he said that he sometimes had to go to the physiotherapist after a fight, specially if he had lost it.

I also asked him what judo had provided him, he said that judo was a life style, because he should be healthy and strong, and judo helped him to concentrate

Finally I asked him how often he usually trained, and he said that he went to the gym every day, because he wanted to go to the Olympic Games.

We hope that Antonio will come back from London with the gold medal.

COME ON ANTONIO, WE LOVE YOU!! (I´ve posted a photo where you can see him practising judo)

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  1. Yes, it would be great to have a Champion in our class!!
    Thanks, Javier, for the interview!
    Did Antonio help you to do it??? ;-)