Sunday, June 19, 2011

My greatest interview:

There is nobody like my grandmother.
It's obvious that grandparents have a very important role in most of the cultures. In the occidental world this role is usually even more important. Once, somebody told me that his family was the only people from all over the world, who never would leave him; wherever he was...
I asked my grandmother how she had been able to overcome every trouble in her life and while she was thinking about it a few seconds, but finally she replied to me that she could overcome all the problems with my grandfather's help. He had always encouraged her to give her best and to get her goals. I felt astonished because I thought that her answer would be completely different, maybe that all her achievements had been got by herself with so much effort. Of course that this is so, but she put the merit on my grandfather as if she would never had got anything if he had not been there with her.
I said that I looked up to her because I thought she had got everything on her own and she told me that I was right, she had been alone until she was 23 and during those previous years she had made headway because it was the only way to go places but she added that I couldn't forget that no one can be successful and happy without the others.
I remembered an incredible sentence she whispered to me like telling me an important secret or as if she was thinking aloud; ''This life is a continuous long journey where you go away and come back every single time, and probably you will feel alone for many times, but you have to remember everyone who has contributed to make you feel happy and who has left their footprints on you. Once you will have to leave, in the right moment, and all that you will need is to be surrounded by people crying while you are smiling the same as you were surrounded by people smiling were you were born, and you were crying. ''
I came back home and when I arrived I realised that my grandmother was the most courageous and aware person I have ever met. I am proud of my grandmother, and I hope to make her feel proud of me one day.

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  1. Thanks, Teresa.
    It wasn't so difficult, was it???
    Very good work!