Thursday, May 3, 2012

A day with Sergio Ramos

Last weekend I had the best day of my life. It was Saturday, and Real Madrid was going to play here, in Granada, and I wanted to see the football players because Real Madrid have been my favourite team since I was a child.
I decided to go with a friend to the hotel where they were staying in order to see them. There were a lot of people around and it was impossible to see anything. Suddenly, I saw an open door behind the hotel, it was the exit gate.  So I didn’t hesitate and I went to it. I could not believe that I was inside the hotel. I walked along the corridor and I got to the hall! It was amazing, all the players were there, sitting on the sofas, speaking to each other and laughing, taking pictures of the hotel...
I was very nervous because there were so many international football stars in the same room that I was in! I couldn’t get closer to ask them for a picture because I was shocked. But, suddenly, one of them, Sergio Ramos, saw me and he walked to me. He asked me what I was doing there and I didn’t answer, then he tried to make me talk and I started to laugh because I couldn't believe that Sergio Ramos was speaking to me.

Spanish Selection

I told him I was a sport journalist and I started to ask him questions. I asked him how he felt after he had won the League and he told me he was thrilled. He told me what they did after the game, where they went, and what he was going to do after the game against Granada. He told me they went to the Cibeles fountain to celebrate the title and they had a big party in the centre of Madrid with all the supporters. 'It was an amazing day', he said to me. 'The best moment was when we saw Iker Casillas putting a Real Madrid scarf on the 'neck' of the Cibeles figure', he said absolutely thrilled. Finally I asked him about the next game, and he told me that they were going to win and have fun and then go back to Madrid to play the last game of the season against Mallorca. He liked Granada, because he is from Sevilla and he loves Andalucía. He seemed a very modest , familiar and funny person. After I finished my makeshift interview I took a few pictures with him and thanked him. Before I left, he told me that I looked too young to be a journalist and I said I was seventeen and that I had lied to try to see them. At first he laughed, and then he told me that I was very clever and he gave me two tickets to see the Granada-Madrid! I couldn't believe it. I thanked him many times and ran to my friend that was waiting for me outside. That afternoon we saw the great game, the result was 1-5 for Real Madrid. It was the best day of my life.
Here is one of his goals in the Spanish League.


  1. You should have asked him if he would throw a penalty kick again! Haha good interview!

  2. OMG are you kidding? That sounds like something out of a movie! Happy to hear that for you. Ramos always did seem really friendly. Perhaps I should make a trip to Madrid and start getting my stories straight lol.