Sunday, May 6, 2012

My interview to Ramon Ortega


    Ramon Ortega Quero is an oboist who was born in Granada. Ramon received solid training from Miguel Quiros early at the conservatory of his native city. Ramon became a member of the Andalusian Youth Orchestra as a twelve year old student. In 2003, the oboist cleared an important hurdle when conductor Daniel Barenboim accepted him as a member of the East-West Divan Orchestra. Since joining the orchestra, Ramon has remained an enthusiastic member in rehearsal and at many concert appearances. Gregor Witt, Principal Oboe of Barenboim´s Berliner Staatskapelle, took the gifted young man under his wing an acted as a mentor in his artistic development. 
  One of Ramon's finest hours was winning First Prize at the ARD Music Competition held in Munich in September 2007.
  Then I decided to prepare an on-line interview. First I asked him how he had decided to study oboe, then he answered me that his father and his sister were pianists and he had wanted to play a different instrument. After that I asked him how many hours in a day he played oboe and he told me that he played about six or seven hours in a day. I was surprised and I said it was too much.
  Then I wanted to know what he had felt when he had won the prize, and he told me that he couldn't believe his eyes and he was so excited and happy.
  Finally, I asked him what he was going to do after winning the prize and he answered that he had received a lot of offers from different orchestras from all over the world, and he was going to think about which one was the best to work in.
  Now he lives in Germany and plays in the Radio Baviera Orchestra. He organizes master lessons and students from all over the world go to those lessons because he is one of the best oboists in the world.

  In the end I want to say that I would like to be like him. 


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