Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My sister Alba

I think the person I admire the most is my sister. She is just twelve, but she is incredible.
I remember when I was four and I used to ask my mum for a sister to play with. When Alba was born, I was disappointed because I wanted someone who was five years old, like me, I could not play with a baby!
She is always saying I am an example for her, but it is the other way round:   she is an example for me. 
One day I asked her why she was always smiling, and she did not say anything, she smiled and then she said: ' you see? when I smile to someone, that person smiles too, that is the reason!'
I started laughing and then she said that I was crazy because I was laughing for no reason. Then I asked her what  she would choose if she could ask for a desire, and she said she could not choose because she had an endless list of desires!
She loves horses and cheese, and when she says something you can not say not to her, because she always tries to convince you.
People often say she is my 'clone', but we do not think so, we are very different!
We are always talking about running away from home and taking a flight to somewhere without programming! Alba is one of the most important persons in my life, I can not stay one day without talking and laughing with her, she is my sister, she is my example.

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  1. She seems a very happy person! I would like to meet her.