Thursday, May 3, 2012

An Interview to Vicente Amigo

VicenteAmigo is a famous guitarist in Spain, he plays the flamenco guitar, and he composes very good songs with his guitar, and then he plays those songs with famous singers.

Last summer I could go to one of his concerts in Linares. And after the concert I waited to talk with him, and fortunately I could.

I went to his dressing room and talked calmly. I asked him about when he started to play the guitar, he told me he had grown up with a guitar, and he had played the guitar all his life, obviously he is the successor of the great Paco de Lucia. Then I wanted to know what his favourite song was, and he explained that his favourite song was Tres Notas Para Decir Te Quiero, and I said that it was also my favourite song. My time was running out and I asked Vicente which of the singers he had played with was the greatest, and he remembered the time when he sang with Enrique Morente, and he said that Enrique had been a great singer, and a better person.

Vicente had to go out but I needed to make another question: if he could give me two tickets for his next concert, and he ordered his partner to give me the tickets.   


  1. This interview is so interesting, Guillermo. Thanks a lot!!

  2. And it was a very good idea to include a video1