Thursday, May 3, 2012


My name is Elena and I have decided to interview my grandmother because I love her and I like to ask her many things. 
She has lived many years and she has many stories that are very interesting.
First I asked her why she was so positive. She said to me that when her mother died, she was fourteen years old and it was a very difficult age but her father was always happy and from that time, she thought it was better to be positive and she did so.
I said that in those times the girls and boys were not related so much as now and I asked her how she had met my grandfather. She explained that she had met my grandfather at a wedding. My grandfather was sixteen years old and she was fifteen. It was love at first sight but their parents didn’t want them to go out together so young. My grandmother told me that they had to hide and go to the next village to be together and nobody could see them.  hahahaha!!!
To finish the interview I asked her what thing was  she was most proud of. She said that she was proud of not ever regretting what she did and that she told me to stick loyal to my ideas and I think it is a good way to be positive.

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