Wednesday, May 2, 2012



One year ago, I went to Madrid with my friend for a concert of Pink in Rocking Rio.

When we arrived at Rocking Río, It was full of people and I got lost among the people, so I decided to look for my friends.

Suddenly I bumped into a woman. When I was going to apologize to her I was very surprised...


I asked her why she was there and she told me that she was getting late because of the traffic and she also said that she hadn't had time to get to her dressing room because there were too many people in the corridors.

I asked If I could help her and she asked me to take her dressing room without being seen by anybody.

So I took Pink to her dressing room.

I asked many different questions for example: what her real name was, how she choose the name of her group...

Finally she thanked me for taking her to the dressing room and she gave me a V.I.P pass for my friends and me (If I found them) to enjoy her concert in the first row.

I thanked her for this and I enjoyed the concert and I took one autograph of Pink to my house and a beautiful memory of this moment

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  1. You have got a great imagination, Alfonso. This is great!! Good work.