Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I think my aunt is the best, she is like my sister, she is incredible!!

My aunt´s name is Laura and she is only twenty two years old, so she is really young.
She is so crazy, she is always smiling and when I am sad, she makes me smile. I love her.

One day, in February, we were talking and I asked  her some questions: 
I asked her why  she is always happy, and she said: "You have to smile, if you smile yo can always be  happy!"
Then I asked her if she would like to live in Granada, and she answered that she would like to live in Motril, because her friends lived there. She thinks that Motril is a good place because it is a cute town.
Suddenly, my father appeared and asked us about our "love life", my aunt said to him that she did not want a boyfriend because she would like to live the present, and now she was really young. 
So I asked her: "Don't  you want to be a mum?" and she  said: "I do not know, I am young, I want to go to a party NOW!". 
We could not go out because we had been punished, but suddenly, she showed me a video and she said: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!". The video was fantastic, I was thrilled and I cried!
I asked her why  she had done the video for me and she said: "You are my bet friend and my sister, and I love you!" 
She hugged me and we went out all night!(: