Wednesday, May 2, 2012

An interview to my daddy

Last Sunday, while I was sunbathing, I started to think about what I would like to study. I realized that many close relatives were doctors or had studied medicine. In fact, my father is a doctor and my sister is studying to be a doctor. So, I decided to ask to my father why he had studied medicine.
The first thing I asked was when he had decided to study medicine. He told me that when he was seventeen he had seen an accident and he had felt bad, so he had thought that helping injured people would be a great idea.
The second question I asked was what his father’s reaction was when he told him. He told me it was hopelessness because he had not liked the idea so much. He did not trust him.
Then, I asked how he had felt about it, and he replied that he could not understand his answer. Because of this, he would study medicine, he would get really good marks and he would do what he loved.

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  1. It is OK, but I am sure you can do it much better, Carmen.