Thursday, May 3, 2012

My interview to Lady Gaga


The last September, when I was in Pennsylvania with the school, I met Lady Gaga. She is very weird. I am sure that all of you know her. She is an American singer and songwriter. She became famous with the release of her debut album The Fame (2008). Lady Gaga is considered as a gay icon, so she fights against homophobia and bullying. She was sitting next to me in the plane, so, I had a lot of time to speak with her. I had many doubts!

Firstly, I asked her if she suffered bullying in the school when she was younger and she said that when she was studying in the New York School, her classmates laughed at her because she had a big nose and she was overweight. This is the reason why she had decided to create a foundation called Born This Way, with her mum. The organization fights for the equality between children in the world. Then, I wanted to know what were her influences on her style and she answered things very weird! She said to me that her style was unique. She was inspired by Cruella de Ville, unicorns ( it is her favourite animal ) and in prostitutes. In her clips, she usually got her inspiration  in religion. Still, I am very surprised!

Also, I asked her how many tattoos she had and she said that she had got five tattoos: one in her waist, in her left shoulder, in her left arm, in her left wrist and in her left thigh. The last one is her favourite because she really likes  unicorns.The flight took nine hours, so I had a lot of time to ask her many interesting things. She was a little tired, but she did not care. I wanted to know too what her hobbies were and she told me that  besides singing, writing songs and dancing, she liked fishing, playing the piano and going to art museums. Finally, as she has written a lot of songs, I asked her what  her favourite song was and she answered, of course, that her favourite song was Born This Way, because the gay community had chosen it as their anthem because the lyrics say: "Do not be a drag, just be a queen". She was very proud of it.
 I thanked her for answering all my questions and I said goodbye. She promised me that she would come to visit me and we have always been in touch since then!

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  1. I like your interview, MariaB, but please, next time that you upload something to our blog, din't use CAPITAL LETTERS!! It sounds as if you were shouting!!