Saturday, March 16, 2013


Barbados is an isle placed between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean in the East of San Vicente and the Northwest of Trinidad. Its inhabitants are called “Barbadian” and this place belongs to the Commonwealth, so Queen Elisabeth II is its Queen. Of course this country does not  belong to the EU.  The Barbadians speak English as their official language. Its currency is Barbadian Dollar. The capital city of Barbados is Bridgetown and the total area is 431 square kms .The population estimated in 2009 was 284.589.

The 1780 hurricane killed over 4,000 people on Barbados. In 1854, a cholera epidemic killed over 20,000 inhabitants. The independence from the United Kingdom took place on 30th of November 1966.

The typical food in Barbados is the moti, an   Indu- Caribbean dish that consists of camy meat which is wrapped in a delicious banana leave. The most famous person in the country of Barbados is Rihanna but she moved to United States to pursue a musical career.

I think this country is beautiful, you just have to see this picture.

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