Thursday, March 14, 2013

Czech Republic

 Language: Czech                                                                    
 Political System:  Parliamentary Republic
Border with ...
Currency:czech koruna
Total area:78.866 Km sq
Capital city: Prague

The Czech Republic is called in Czech Ceska republika, name that derives from the name of the largest region of the country, (Bohemia) or of the ethnonym , name of one of the Slavic tribes who inhabited the present territory of the country after the time of the migrations and that dominated the area towards the 530.The origin of the name of the tribe is unknown. According to a legend, the name comes from the leader Praotec Čech ("Czech father").
The current ethnic composition is as follows: 84´4 % Czechs, 10 % Gypsies, 8´6 % (Slovak, Ukranian, Polish, German), 1 % Asians.
Prague is a city where the arts and culture shines with special intensity. The cartel of cultural activities is rich and varied. Lovers of the arts can be found in this city a cultural paradise. The locations for the various events are usually rapidly exhausted by what they should book them well in advance (throught travel agencies and in the own box office of the place where the event takes place.  
The culture of this Republic is rich and varied. Twelve of its historical monuments are inscribed on the list of World Heritage of Unesco.


The dumplings, which are a kind of succulent 'meatballs' flour that tend to be a very typical accompaniment of Czech dishes, can be found made of potato and bread crumbs .As a general rule be proparan into slices before being served on a plate.

Franz  Kafka (1883-1924)
Writer. Author of the depressing but universally read novel The Trial, Kafka was a German-Jewish Praguer who, for much of his adult life, worked in relative obscurity as a sad Prague insurance clerk. In works like Metamorphosis, The Castle, and Amerika, Kafka described surreal and suffocating worlds of confusion. Now many use the adjective Kafkaesque to     mean “living in absurdity.” Anyone who tries to apply for anything at a state office here will know that Kafka’s world lives on.

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