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Netherlands is a country in Europe. It has borders with Germany and Belgium, but also is bathed by the North Sea.

The official language is Dutch but others, like  Flanders and Surinam are also spoken.

 The flag.

It is a eurozone country since 1999, has the Euro as currency, and has a population of 16.4 million inhabitants. The most populous cities are Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague.
It has a total area of ​​41,526 square kilometres and a political system of constitutional monarchy.  Queen is called Beatrix and Prime Minister is called Mark Rutte

It is a country that has not gone unnoticed as it has people as famous as the painter Vincent Van Gogh and artist and actress Audrey Hepburn.

black and white formal headshot photo of the artist as a boy in jacket and tie. He has thick curly hair and very pale-colored eyes with a wary, uneasy expression. Vicent Van Gogh
Typical dishes:
It is very popular toast buttered round: the beschuit, which is usually eaten as breakfast, with different flavours and is used in various celebrations. It is also one of the famous national dishes, which is basically the Erwtensoep pea soup.
Cheeses are popular, most notably Gouda, Edam and Leyden

This is the anthem of the Netherlands

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