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South Africa

The nationality of its inhabitants is South Africans.

South Africa is a multi cultural country because eleven languages are spoken although
English and Afrikaans are the most used. Other languages are Ndebele, Sesotho, Sotho
Septentrional, Tswana, Swazi,Tsonga, Venda, Xhosa and Zulu.

South African´s political system is Republic of South Africa where the Government of South
Africa act under a parliamentary system, inspired by the British of Westminster. The
President of South Africa is the head of State and head of Government. It is selected by the 
bicameral Parliament, which consists of the national Assembly and the National Council of
provinces, the President is the leader of the majority party in the National Assembly, which
has 400 members elected through an electoral system. The National Council of provinces
consists of 90 members representing each of the nine provinces of South Africa.

The population of South Africa is around 49 320 000 people

South Africa is situated in the south of Africa and bordered by Namibia to the north-west,
Botswana by the north, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Swaziland by north-east. The country
is surrounded by the Atlantic and Indian oceans.

The currency is the South African Rand(1 EUR = 11,05


The total area of South Africa is about  1.219.080 km².
South Africa has got three capitals, they are Pretoria, where we find the headquarters of
the executive power ;Bloemfontein where we find the headquarters of the  judiciary power
and Cape Town, where we find the headquarters of the legislative power.

An important historical fact is the Second Boer War where British fought with
Boers for the gold and diamonds of South Africa. Another historical fact important is when this
country finally achieved independence in 1961.

Some famous people of South Africa are:
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was a famous politician and he was awarded the "Nobel Peace Prize" in 1993

Samuel Eto'o Fils is a famous footballer that received the "African Golden Ball"

Sasha Pieterse is an actress that now you can see in "Pretty Little Liars"

   Koeksister is a typical dish of South Africa; it  is a sweet syrup coated South Africa and has a dough very similar to a doughnut in shaped like a braid.
  South Africa isn't a member of the European Union.
   South Africa is a beautiful country to live as you can see, but I think that I wouldn't  live there because I don´t like the food of South Africa very much.

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