Sunday, March 17, 2013


Finland is a Nordic country member of the European Union. Its habitants are Finnish, there are five languages but only two are official:  Swedish and Finnish.
Finland is a republic with a democratic form of government that combines the parliamentary system with the presidential, that is a parliamentary republic where live about five or six million people.
Finland is located in Northern Europe. It is bordered to the west with Sweden, to the east with Russia and the north with Norway. To the west an south is surrounded by the Baltic Sea. Its total area is 337.030 km² and its currency is the Euro.
Finland capital is Helsinki but there are other important cities like Tunku and Tempere.

Finland fought against the Soviet Union in World War II and participated in the war in Laponia when it eliminated the Germans the north of Finland. One of the most popular people in Finland is Linus Torvald who created the operative system "Linux". 

Some typical dishes are the karjalan piiraka and the kalakukko which is a fish cooked inside a loaf of bread.


  1. Good post, Noemi
    I didn't know that Linus Torvald was Finnish
    but you forgot to mention where you got the information from.

  2. I'm sorry, I got the information in Wikipedia