Monday, March 11, 2013

Describing Places. A pub.

I have to describe a pub.

Pubs are an important part of British life which were built for people. People can talk, eat, drink, meet their friends and relax there. Pubs are popular social meeting places. 

Pubs often have two bars and others have a garden where people can sit in the summer. 

Groups of friends normally buy 'rounds' of drinks. There are many groups so it is sometimes difficult to get served when pubs are busy.

British pubs are required to have a licence (which is difficult to obtain) and allow the pub to operate for 24 hours. Most pubs are open from 11 to 11.

Nearly all pubs sell pub lunches. One of these is the Ploughman's Lunch which is a great wedge of Cheddar cheese, some bread, some pickle, and an onion. Other typical pub foods are scampi (kind of shellfish) and chips (fried potatoes),and chicken and chips.

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  1. And they very special places too, so British!
    Thanks for describing pubs so well, Carmen.