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Canada is a federal parliamentary monarchy of America  located in the far north of North America. Canada shares a border with the United States to the south and north-west Alaska with their status. It is the second largest country in the world after Russia, and also the most northern. Canada occupies near the middle of North America.The capital of Canada is Ottawa and his most populous city is Toronto
 People who live in Canada are Canadians. The official languages are  English and  French.

-Canada in the First World War
Volunteers sent to the Western Front later became part of the Canadian Corps. The body deployed by the country played an important role in the conflict, as in the battles of Vimy Ridge.
Of the approximately 625,000 volunteers, about 60,000 were killed and another 173,000 were wounded.
The recruitment crisis of 1917 broke out when the first conservative Minister Robert Borden imposed obligatory military service, despite the opposition of French-speaking Quebecers.
In 1919, Canada joined the League of Nations, separately in the UK and in 1931, the Statute of Westminster affirmed national independence.
-Canada in the Second World War
Canada declared war to Germany independently during World War II, with the mandate of the first Liberal Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King
The currency is the Canadian Dollar (C$,CAD)

Canada is not a European Union country.
Among the most outstanding dishes of Canada are:
1.Tourtière: it is a mince pie that can be made from pig or cow that is traditional in Quebec City at Christmas.
2.Poutine: chips bathed with a cheese and barbecue sauce

3.Pudding au Chomeur: this is a typical Canadian dessert  corresponding to a sweet cake with caramel base.

And finally famous people from Canada are: Jim Carrey, Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber, and more famous people.

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