Sunday, March 17, 2013


It is a sovereign member of the European Union situated in the north-western of Europe.
Its territory is formed by the island of Great Britain, the northeast of the island of Ireland and many small islands nearby.
It´s governed by a parliamentary system.
It was the first industrialized country in the world and now is considered as the sixth largest economy in the world.
The population of United Kingdom is about 61.284.80.
The most famous person in britain is the Queen Elizabeth II, who is considered the world's most important Queen.
The most popular sport in the UK is football, with players like Rooney, followed by tennis, with players like Murray.

Queen Elizabeth II
UK flag

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  1. Too short post, the people you have chosen are not so important as you think, you forgot to mention where you got the information from, and you don't say if you would like to live there or no!!