Saturday, March 16, 2013


The inhabitants of Denmark are Danish and they speak Danish.
Denmark has a political system of constitutional monarchy
Denmark's population is 5.543.453 million inhabitants
Denmark is a state located in northern Europe, it is part of Scandinavia.
It is bordered on the south by Germany to the north and west is the North Sea and to the east, the Baltic  Sea
Denmark's currency is the Danish krone
The total area of  Denmark is 43 090 km2 

The capital of Denmark is Copenhague, other important cities are Aarhus, Alborg, Randers, Ondense, Esbjerg...

Important historic facts: Vikings, Christianity, difficulties monarchy, Kalmar, Union of Reform etc.
Famous people: Connie NielsenMichael LaudupLone Scherfig etc.
Typical food/dishes: Smørrebrød, FlÆskesteg, Gravad laks, Hvid labskovs, Koldt bord  etc.

Denmark is a member of the European Union

I wouldn't  like to live in Denmark, because they don't have the Euro as their currency, they speak an uncommon language and their dishes are strange. Definitely I prefer Spain.

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