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Belgium is a country of Europe whose inhabitants are called Belgians.
 It has three official languages​​: Dutch is spoken in Flanders, Wallonia in the south, and the Brussels-Capital Region is speaking French. East of the German-speaking country.

Belgium is a constitutional monarchy and hereditary representative. The succession to the throne rests with the firstborn. The current ruler is King Albert II.

The country covers an area of ​​30,528 square kilometers and has a population of approximately 11 million.

Belgium gets its name from the Latin name of the northernmost part of Gaul, Gallia Belgica, whose name comes from a group of Celtic tribes, the Belgians. Historically, Belgium has been part of the Habsburg Netherlands, which also include the current Netherlands and Luxembourg, and covering an area slightly larger than the current Benelux.
Belgium shares borders with Germany, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

The monetary unit is the Belgian franc of 100 centimes (35.77 Belgian francs equivalent to $ 1, according to 1997 estimates). At the head of the banking system is the National Bank of Belgium, established in 1850, issuing national banknotes.

The population is 10,174,922 inhabitants.
Brussels is the capital and largest city of Belgium, and the main administrative headquarters of the European Union (EU).
The history of Belgium is traditionally divided into two episodes. The first is one who understands the history of all the territories that formed in 1830 the State of Belgium itself (it was never a stable independent before this year). The second takes the sequence of events from this key date, which is the birth of Belgium as an independent nation politically and territorially speaking.

Famous people from Belgium as:


The best known Belgian, who was created by Georges Remi, better known by his pseudonym, created from the French pronunciation of his initials in reverse order, Hergé.

The Smurfs
It is a series of Franco-Belgian comic created by cartoonist Peyo for the Journal de Spirou in 1958. Chronicles the adventures of a fictional species of small blue creatures and adaptations has enjoyed cartoons.

The most famous dishes of Belgium are:

Asparagus Flemish are cooked asparagus, chopped boiled eggs served with a sauce of melted butter and sometimes with shrimp and parsley.

Shrimp croquettes, often served with fried parsley oil.

Belgium is a sovereign member of the European Union.

I would like to visit Belgium, because it seems interesting dishes and I think I would like.

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