Monday, March 18, 2013



The country I'm going to talk you about is Switzerland.

Its inhabitants are called swiss.

Switzerland is a multi cultural country, where many languages are spoken such as german, spoken by the majority of the population, but french, italian and romansh are also spoken. 

Switzerland's political system is the directly-democratic directorial federal republic, that means the people is directly involved in the government of the country. It is also a well-known tax haven, where they benefit from exceptional fiscal conditions.

Switzerland's population is estimated on 8 million people.

Switzerland is located in central Europe and is bordering Germany, France, Italy and Austria.

The currency in this country is the Swiss franc. (1 € = 1,6122 CHF)

The total area is about 41,285 km2.

Bern is the capital city but there are other important cities like Zurich. This city is the largest city in Switzerland and is the city with the best quality of life in the world. Geneva is also an important city, it is the headquarter of the Red Cross and of many agencies of the United Nations.


Switzerland is characterized by its neutrality during the first and the Second World War. It is also the birthplace of the Red Cross Movement, founded in 1863.

Roger Federer is the most important swiss nowadays. This tennis player is considered one of the greatiest tennis player of all time and owns many titles. 

Hermann Hesse is a swiss poet and novelist, who received in 1946 the Nobel Prize in Literature. His best-known works are Steppenwolf, Siddharta and The Glass Bead Game.

An other famous is Johanna Spyri, born in Zurich in 1817, a swiss writter known all over the world for her book Heidi.

The typical swiss dish is the fondue. We can find many cheese types, as gruyere or emmental too.

Swiss chocolate is considered the best for its high quality. There are many very famous swiss chocolate brands, like Toblerone, Nestle or Lindt (the firts company to create the milk chocolate).


Swiss wine is also well-known. The most widespread varieties are the Chasselas and Pinot noir.

Switzerland is the only country, in western Europe, that does,'t belong to the European Union.

I think switzerland is a great place to live. It is a beatiful and very developped country. Moreover Zurich is the city with best standar of living in the world, this makes Switzerland a country where I would like to live in a future.

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